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GSA Schedules

Businesses, nonprofits, and educational institutions can provide goods and services to the government through GSA Schedules Contracts.

Government buyers use pre-established prices, terms, and conditions when making purchases from a company is made simpler through GSA Schedule Contracts. While GSA Schedule Contracts typically get used when selling to federal agencies, you can also use them to sell to state and municipal governments in specific circumstances.

Companies seeking a GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract must submit a proposal that complies with the appropriate GSA solicitation, depending on the products or services offered to the government. GSA Schedules are open enrollment, so businesses can apply at any time, allowing them to enter the federal market when they are ready.

The terms and conditions already get agreed upon through the GSA Schedule procurement method, which is a fundamental contrast between selling your goods and services under a GSA contract and selling commercially. Having decided upon terms and conditions streamlines the purchasing procedure for the government’s several federal agencies.

A GSA contract, on the other hand, opens up a new world of prospects in the federal marketplace for the seller. With a GSA contract, federal agencies know that your rates and firm have already gotten examined thoroughly, allowing them to purchase from you. The contract’s formation was issued by the General Services Administration (GSA), an entity created to assist federal agencies in buying items and services from contractors. Do you need help with GSA Schedules and everything connected to it? Look no further, and we’ll tell you all about it.

What Benefits do GSA Schedules Provide?

  • Compliance with Regulations

One significant benefit of operating inside the GSA system is that, per FAR Subpart 9.1, GSA reviews each offeror during the GSA procurement process to ensure that they are responsible contractors. Working to secure a GSA contract requires some time and effort. Still, the screening process demonstrates that your organization can adhere to Federal Acquisition standards and is eligible to deal with the government.


  • Pricing that is Reasonable and Fair

Before awarding a GSA MAS contract, GSA Contracting Officers (COs) ensure that the prices for goods and services are “fair and reasonable.” GSA compares the fees a company offers the government with the best prices or discounts it provides to its commercial customers — “most favored customer” pricing.


The GSA Contracting Officer evaluates various elements to establish “fair and reasonable” pricing, including pricing on rival contracts, historical pricing, and currently available pricing from other sources.

  • Quick Order Processing

Ordering is substantially easier for government organizations since GSA rates have already been established as “fair and reasonable.” GSA ordering methods enable agencies to obtain commercial items and services more quickly than they might on the free market.


FAR 8.4 establishes simplified ordering processes for Schedules so that agencies can focus on the unique requirements of the transaction. All federal agencies must follow these ordering processes. GSA provides further information on Schedules’ distinctive features, flexibilities, electronic buying capabilities, and ordering standards.


  • Comprehensive Product and Service Offerings

Buyers can choose from a wide range of GSA options. MAS contractors can provide continuous coverage and the most innovative solutions and technology available. Schedules also do this through a constant open procurement, allowing GSA to onboard new contractors on an ongoing basis. Furthermore, GSA may upgrade services to incorporate new and creative solutions, ensuring that the government has access to the market’s best. In general, the MAS Solicitation is accessible to new contractors to make a bid at any moment.

Can I get a GSA Schedules?

To be eligible for a GSA Schedule, your organization must have:

  • Financial stability
  • Products or Services that fall under the purview of a GSA Schedule Category
  • TAA Compliance When Selling Products
  • Previous Performance of Providing Services

How do I Obtain a GSA Schedules?

A GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract is frequently the first step a firm seeking to enter the federal marketplace will take to establish itself as a valuable government partner and expand its presence in the public sector. While the benefits are apparent, it is critical to understand the process of acquiring a GSA Schedule before deciding if it is suitable for your company. The GSA will only grant contracts to organizations they judge as appropriate industry partners, with strict qualifying conditions.

Companies must meet the following requirements to be eligible to apply for a GSA MAS contract:


Research is the first and most crucial step in learning to get on a GSA Schedule. Find out what paperwork is required to satisfy the standards and assess if your company is prepared to receive a GSA Schedule. Before you start the application, doing this will help you better grasp the procedure, the timetable, and what gets required of you.

Offer a Unique Proposal

Create a plan that satisfies the exacting standards of the GSA and lays the groundwork for long-term success. After submission, the application will go through a preliminary evaluation and can get selected for a financial assessment, in which GSA looks more closely at a company’s financial soundness. The contracting officer will examine the proposal. This officer can reject your bid due to deficiencies or ask for further details.

Negotiate a Favorable Deal

The Contracting Officer will begin discussions to obtain GSA discounts, such as a more significant standard GSA discount, quantity/volume discounts, or prompt payment discounts, once they have received all clarifications in the proposal. Structure your terms and price to make your GSA Schedule Contract profitable yet competitive.

Keep your GSA Contract Active

After receiving a GSA MAS contract, the contractor will have access to several resources that will aid in expanding their business’s public sector operations. To get the most out of your investment, be aware of the best-selling practices through your GSA Schedule and comprehend how to maintain your contract current and compliant.


Although obtaining a GSA MAS contract doesn’t ensure government work, it may be helpful for companies looking to increase their sales by tapping into the federal market. It’s essential to weigh the costs, advantages, and possibilities when deciding whether a GSA MAS contract is the best option for you.

Maintaining your GSA MAS contract in good standing and effectively promoting your goods or services to drive sales demand a lot of maintenance and care. This procedure may be challenging for many businesses, which is where a GSA Schedule consultant can help reduce some of the administrative work involved in keeping a contract in place.

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