An Overview Of the 1122 Program

equipment for homeland securityThe Section 1122 under the National Defense Authorization Act provides safety to the citizens of the United States and assures their safety. This schedule works by allowing the state governments, local governmental units, and other departments under the government to use Federal Resources for getting discounts on equipment which may be only procured be employed in counter-drug activities, homeland security, or emergency response services.

The GSA schedule 1122 was initially established in 1994 to allow state authorities and local governments to purchase law enforcement equipment which was to be employed for counter-drug activities. In 2009, the program expanded its reach to a wider field by providing these services to the departments of homeland security and emergency respond.

Under this, program, the Department of Defense (DOD), General Services Administration (GSA) and Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) help the state governments or local units to attain the equipment required for their operations. The discounts are available through negotiation by Federal Government and a huge choice of thousands of vendors is available to the state and local government buyers for buying different equipment. GSA Schedule 1122 is overseen currently by DOD and is actively used throughout 32 states along with Puerto Rico.

Various departments procure different equipment for their operations using the GSA schedule 1122 program although this is most famous amongst law enforcement & fire departments presently. The emergency response assessment of this schedule also consists of focusing on responding first and managing emergencies efficiently. Avoiding mass emergencies through the management of public health along with clinical care and public works along with skilled support personnel is considered within this program and related departments are allowed to use the facilities. Other response and recovery related operations are also well defined under the program and assessment to different activities is stated by the office of Secretary of Defense’s office to explain the situation of emergency response.

A State Point Of Contact or SPOC is responsible for monitoring the services and activities in each state which participate in the GSA schedule 1122. The departments wishing to use the services of this program have to contact their specific SPOC if they are looking to make a purchase.

The program provides departments with equipment offered through one of the sources i.e., DOD, GSA or DLA. The different basic goods and services offered can be found in the detailed catalog of GSA Schedule 1122. This catalog includes a vast variety of things such as alarm systems, firefighting equipment, vehicles, geophysical analysis equipment, and mission oriented business integrated services (MOBIS) along with other tools. The state and local agencies benefit by saving on taxpayer dollars for purchasing their equipment. Each year an average of $2 Million is saved by different agencies through the GSA schedule 1122.

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