Overview of GSA Schedule 132 (Prefix of Subcategories on Schedule 70)

information technologyIf you think that your IT company is able to meet this criterion, then you can try to apply and fight for the contract GSA Schedule 132. GSA Schedule or Contract 132 is a sub-category under GSA Schedule 70. To make it easier for business owners to understand, GSA Schedule 70 is also often referred to as just the IT Schedule. Under Schedule 70, a lot of products or services related to IT are all classified under it, such as data center and storage, hardware, network infrastructure and cloud services.

Even though the main category is called GSA Schedule 70, most of the contracts which are awarded under this schedule are named starting from 132. This sometimes tends to confuse a lot of business owners. Therefore, it is important for you to read up more on GSA Schedules and their sub-branches so that you can understand more and gain an edge over your competitors.

Therefore, if you are running any kind of IT related business, you should definitely give GSA Schedule 70 or 132 a look. The contract is at least five years long in most cases and you get to renew them if the performance of your company is excellent. Some ways in which you can gain an advantage over your competitors would be to get better customer feedback and testimonials. You can also try to bid for subcontracts in schedules that have lesser competition.

If you are running an IT business, you might have heard from your business counterparts about the GSA schedules and contracts. You might be wondering what exactly is a GSA schedule and how does it exactly works?

Ok I Am An IT Company but What Exactly Is A GSA Schedule Contract?

In a nutshell, a GSA schedule is a government contract which is awarded to medium to large businesses or enterprises. This does not mean that small businesses cannot apply and try to fight for the GSA contract, just that it is more difficult for them due to the strict requirements involved. Some of the requirements for applying for any GSA contract would be that your company must be at least two years old and have made over $150,000 in sales. A good reputation is also required.

Hopefully, this article has helped to understand more clearly on GSA Schedules and more specifically Schedule 70 and 132. It is probably every business owner’s dream to be able to win a GSA contract as it means that they will have a stream of flowing customers and orders for the next five years.

If you are interested in getting on a 132 Schedule under Schedule 70, contact GSA Scheduler today.