GSA procures down than 65,000 vehicles regular , amounting to relative to than $1 billion in high-quality vehicles and automotive military talents. Equipment and accessory leasing spare parts for cars, buses and heavy duty trucks, remanufactured vehicle parts, waste removal trucks and attachments, fuel trucks and accessories, water tank trucks and accessories, and new automotive technologies. GSA’s AutoChoice can be used to purchase the following vehicles:

With an operating budget of approximately $26.3 billion, and about 12,000 employed, federal worker, the GSA is a massive organization. As part of it function it provides the GSA Schedules. The GSA schedule is an award winning a collection of contacts that assist with procurement of vehicles and equipment for government agencies. Think of it as a set of agreements, which procurement managers, of other government agencies, can use to buy the equipment they need to function. The GSA Schedules Program is made up of 30 contracts or “Schedules” and they are arranged by industry.

Annually the GSA procures more than 65,000 vehicles, with GSA schedule 23. These vehicles range in scope to meet all of the services discussed earlier, but amount to over $1 billion in collective value. There is a form filled out by an eligible customer that allows them to purchase from or contact pre-approved vendors. Eligibility to Use GSA Sources is limited to, executive Agencies, other eligible users, and, international organizations and others determined eligible under section 607 of the foreign assistance act.

All the vehicles purchase and listed with the GSA Schedule 23 will meet the mandates for fleets of government vehicles. The United States maintains the largest federal fleet of vehicles in the world, and there are legislative and regulative mandates the require federal fleets of vehicles for day to day operations. This can be a very lucrative market for a automobile and accessories supplier.

If your company offers automobiles or auto-accessories, and you are interested in capitalizing on the government’s demand for such products, the GSA Automotive Schedule 23 is the most appropriate solicitation for you. If you are interested in getting on GSA Schedule 23 and offering your vehicles and accessories to the federal government, contact GSA Scheduler today.