delivery guyGet Relocation, Transportation, and Delivery Solutions with GSA Schedule 48

GSA Schedule 48 provides you with a professional that helps you in planning relocate and support all your facility moves. In this Schedule, you are always allowed to order one or more than one consulting services together with the execution of your relocations.

Services offered at GSA Schedule 48

This schedule is one of the most current ones, and it enables the government agencies in contracting corporate housing units. Any federal agencies who are looking for a high-quality and consistent housing solutions can now be helped by the GSA Schedule 48 Employee relocation. This allows the government agencies to contract directly with a vendor which is approved. This does not need any requirement of any open or full competition.

Categories of services available on GSA Schedule 48

There are various types of services available on this schedule, and they include the following.

Office Relocation

One of the categories of services you can get in this Schedule is the office relocation. This is a full range of service that removes the existing office furniture equipment and any other related supply. This is done from the current location, and transportation is offered to the items to another location on the schedule. The items will then be placed on the schedule with the directions given by the federal agency.

The service under the office relocation includes pre-move planning, providing packaging materials, designing relocation planning, packing and crating, loading and unloading, delivery and then finally the setup.

Ground Transportation

This service is utilized van, motor coach or Limousine and is flexible for both scheduled and unscheduled routes. The services here are available for both single and multiple passenger shuttle transportation. This service is between among the driver services, buildings, airport and much more. Even VIP transport is available in this service.

Vehicle Rental Services

Under Rental Supplement Vehicle Program, this service offers car rental, truck rental, and special equipment rentals like refrigerated trucks, trailers, and much more. This service is mainly aimed at supplementing federal fleets and official business vehicular needs. The temporary rental equipment here includes temporary replacement of a fleet vehicle which is damaged due to an accident or an incident. The other service concerned with this is the temporary replacement of a vehicle which is under maintenance. Under this service, there is still support for transportation for special events like training and political events. Other transportation services include supplement transportation support for fleets, emergencies, natural disasters, continuity of operational tests, drills and much more.

Consultation Services for Transportation

These services are meant to provide the agencies with access to consultants in transportation who can help them in spend analysis, best practice evaluation, bench-marking, performance metrics, risk assessment, and other related assistance. The consultation here is a full range which fulfills all the requirements for one or more modes of transportation. This includes either sea or land transportation of supplies, personnel and resources that may be needed by the agencies. It is important to note that this service does not guard or offer security services which are associated with the transportation.

Express Delivery Services on Small Package and Heavy Weight Packages

This is a commercial delivery service which includes Express Same Day, Two Day or Three Day delivery for the extremely urgent letters. This is also for the small packages and heavyweight shipments with any other accessorial service to the general public included.

Ground Small Packaging delivery

This is a commercial service for a day time delivery of small packaging including any accessorial services which are offered to the general public.

Relocation Services

This ensures that the home of the employee will be sold and even assist in the marketing of the home. This is achieved by negotiating with the external potential buyers and also helping the employee to become familiar with their new duty locations.

There are still other services in the schedule which are like this, and some of them include the analysis of the cost of living, expense management, assistance in closing, rental management, support in entitling, and much more.

Benefits of being on the GSA Schedule 48

There are various benefits which are associated with being on this GSA Schedule. First of all is that you will get satisfaction in transportation, relocation, and delivery of your needs. This is very efficient. You will always have a piece of mind and a simplified process because of the wide variety of products and services.

It is also very advantageous to be in the schedule since you are ensured a direct and easy access to a full spectrum of all these services of transportation. Apart from the effortless finding of a constructor, you are also assured of receiving the most for your budget, and there is a great flexibility when it comes to meeting your deadline. All of this happens while you are still in control of your project. It is, therefore, imperative to be on this schedule for a peace of mind in the transportation services.

If you are interested in getting on GSA schedule 48, contact GSA Scheduler today or give us a call at (518) 360-2107. Our consultants will be glad to answer any questions that you have.

GSA Schedule 48
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