Buildings and Building Materials, Industrial Services & SuppliesWhat is GSA Schedule 56?

GSA Schedule 56 is a contract which is available for use by the federal government agencies as a source of commercial products for overseas use and also for domestic use. This contract may be used by the executive agencies, other federal agencies, mixed-ownership Government corporations, the District of Columbia and other organizations and activities which are authorized by the statute to use GSA as a source of supply. It is also important to remember that state and local government entities may purchase a variety of products and services under the Disaster Recovery Purchasing Program. This is primarily meant for the facilitation of the recovery from a major disaster like terrorism, biological, or radiological attack.

Products offered at GSA Schedule 56

The products offered at GSA Schedule 56 is a full range of products and services. This covers the areas like building and construction materials. The other services provided here include industrial supplies and services.

At this contract, there is also the availability of building supplies which are energy saving, alternative energy solutions and other services related to these.

There are 93 Categories GSA Schedule 56

Categories covered by the GSA Buildings Schedule 56

Schedule 56 Category NumberGSA Schedule 56 Category
1Above ground storage tanks for fuels and oils
2Abrasive products, including discs, belts and papers, for vehicle repairs
3AC and DC regulated power supply, converters and UPS
4Accessories and parts for docks
5Air compressors
7Battery chargers
8Battery spill containment systems
9Blasters and the media they use
10Building materials
11Communication towers
12Controls and motors for electrical, voltage or generator power sources
13Devices for EMI/RFI filtration
14Devices, both powered and non-powered, used to move pallets
15Diagnostic equipment for vehicles
17Energy efficient lighting, light bulbs, light fixtures, emergency lighting and lighting sensors
18Engineering and technical support for power delivery systems
19Equipment for automotive maintenance and repair shops
20Equipment for installing and monitoring tires
21Equipment for managing lubricant systems
22Fabric for erosion control
23Fixtures for restrooms
25Frequency converters
26Fuel cells
27Generators, including portable, standby or prime
28Glass preparations and products for security purposes, such as one-way glass
29Hand trucks and non-powered carts, such as pallet grocery and mail carts
30Industrial and warehouse tractors
31Industrial and warehouse trucks
32Industrial or commercial air purification systems
33Industrial or commercial fans and blowers
34Industrial or commercial HVAC, air conditioning or heating systems
35Industrial services
36Industrial supplies
37Installation and site preparation for modular buildings and prefabricated structures
38Installation services for equipment that delivers power to a building, including site preparation
40Ladder systems
41Lease or rental of portable and prefabricated buildings or structures
42Lifts, hoists, jacks, dollies and equipment designed for handling automotive materials
43Line conditioners
44Maintenance for forklifts
45Management systems for fuel pumps
46Mechanical work tables
47Modular structures or buildings to be used in an existing plant or warehouse
48Monitoring systems for batteries
49Monitoring systems for fuel pumps
50Non-wooden pallets
51Observation towers
53Parts and accessories for portable towers
54Plumbing products
55Portable flooring
56Portable light towers
57Portable or prefabricated restrooms, showers and laundry facilities
58Portable roads and aircraft landing sites
59Power distribution units
60Prefabricated buildings and structures used in office or professional settings, such as cubical dividers or modular office buildings
61Prefabricated buildings to be used for disaster response, such as mobile shelters
62Prefabricated buildings to be used for military purposes, such as mobile command centers
63Prefabricated buildings to be used to set up medical facilities in the field, such as medical tents
64Prefabricated or pre-engineered buildings for storage, including warehouses
65Prefabricated or pre-engineered structures for storage, including storage containers
66Pressure cleaners
67Protective equipment for blaster use
68Pumps for gas
69Rental and lease of forklifts
70Repair and modifications for energy systems
71Repair and modifications for pre-engineered buildings
72Repair and modifications of buildings and building materials
73Repair shop equipment or services designed to protect the environment, such as recycling services or equipment to keep refrigerant out of the atmosphere
74Repair shop supplies
75Roofing materials
76Roofing services
78Sewage treatment products
80Solar energy systems
81Specialty lighting products
82Spill containment products, including containment pallets
83Spray painting equipment for painting vehicles
84Supplies and equipment for setting up a warehouse, such as conveyor systems, chain, shrink wrap and storage systems
85Surge protectors and similar products, including hard wired surge protectors
86Switchboards, load centers and similar products for metering and delivering power, especially during emergencies and disaster recovery
87The lease or rental of repair shop equipment
89Water filters
90Water treatment systems
91Wind power systems
92Window films to block solar radiation, glare and heat
A comprehensive list of categories that are covered under GSA Schedule 56.

Benefits of GSA Schedule 56

This contract being on the schedule has various advantages and benefits. The first one is the pre-determination of fair and right products in the contract. The pricing also is associated with the quality products together with quality assurance.

The other advantage of the contract is that there is much flexibility. This is because you can purchase anywhere at any time. The purchase can be made using Credit Cards, GPC Card, and electronic requisitioning over the internet.

The other advantage of the GSA Schedule 56 is that you are free to compare prices of the products over the internet. This can help in efficiently determining the right product to purchase and save time.

With GSA, you can also get multiple ordering avenues. This helps in being flexible and free to do the orders at any time.

Projects under GSA Schedule 56

Ancillary and Alterations

One of the projects available under Schedule 56 is the Ancillary Repair and Alterations Projects. This project which contains those that are entirely associated with the repair, alterations, delivery and installation of products and services which are purchased under this schedule. These projects involve those that are simple and not complicated in their nature. This includes routine painting, resurfacing of floors, basic electrical or plumbing work, hanging drywall, removing or relocating walls that are not load-bearing. Other projects under this include alterations to install conveyors or conveyor systems, storage systems, mezzanines and the like of the project which is not complex.

The exceptions under this project include major or a new construction of buildings, parking lots roads, and other related facilities. The other exception is Architect-Engineering services which are subject to public law. This is not the primary purpose of the work ordered but an integral part of the total solution offered.

Ancillary Repair and Alterations for the Alternative Energy Systems

This project is also for Power generation equipment, Generators, and Batteries solution. Under this, routine and non-complex activities as described under Ancillary and Alterations.

Other projects under this schedule with the same descriptions include Ancillary and Alterations for Building Material solutions. Air and Water Purification Equipment and Sewer Treatment Equipment.

Power Distribution Equipment

The power distribution equipment here includes Generators and Batteries. With this collection the equipment available include Portable Light Towers, Batteries and their chargers, Battery and Alternator Monitoring Systems & Battery Spill Containment Systems, Uninterrupted power supplies, Transformers and the like. There is also an introduction of New services and Products related to Alternative Energy Solutions and the Power Distribution Equipment, Air and Water Purification Equipment and Sewer Treatment Equipment. There is also building materials and much more. There are also some projects under this schedule like warehouse equipment and supplies.

It is also important to know that a company that is awarded a GSA Schedule 56 contract can make up to $200,000. This is the potential of what a business can make from an awarded contract because the prices on the schedule are normally moderated and are very affordable. The variability of the options to order the products is also another important thing to consider when thinking about getting on schedule 56. There is so much potential and everything to gain from being on this schedule. If you are interested in getting on GSA Schedule 56, contact GSA Scheduler.

GSA Schedule 56
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