An Overview Of GSA Schedule 599

travel services solutionsMany small businesses who aren’t focused on the travel business might think they don’t have a solution for GSA Schedule 599. Often this comes from thinking about travel the way we typically think about standard business and vacation travel. But for the US Government, travel is often a broad and very complex topic. Start to imagine the wide and specialized kinds of travel activities that they might need. This area is full of high-security, emergency, scientific, high-volume, limited budget, and many other needs. Chances are, there is a capability in your business that can provide compelling value in GSA Schedule 599.

For example, section GSA Schedule 599-4 describes brokering air charter services. Looking a little deeper, we start to see that there are a wide variety of specialized chartered travel requirements: transporting prisoners, sensitive deportations, emergency medical flights, agricultural surveys, aerial instrumentation flights and much more. These are the kinds of niche services that small businesses can provide focused expertise.

A significant part of this schedule is devoted to managing the many policies, procedures and issues associated with the cost, decisions, and information related to travel. In fact, the top section (GSA Schedule 599-1) opens up this whole category of travel consulting. Many organizations and agencies are looking to anticipate and solve complex problems of policy, security, technology and supplier management. If your business provides special skills and insights into complex operational situations, you might be very well suited to this set of needs.

Sections two and three of GSA Schedule 599 deal with the many aspects of coordinating the logistics of traveling. Here the government needs skilled negotiators, buyers, planners and the IT and processes to put it together. This are is full of niche services around areas like high security, emergency and contingency solutions for lodging. Perfect for small businesses.

Finally, sections 599-99 and 599-1000 of the GSA Schedule encourage thinking outside the box. This pair of special sections welcomes your new ideas, opportunities, products and services that could make unique and complex travel systems better. And don’t forget the basic equipment and support products that are needed to make successful travel possible. Everything from training materials to satellite phones may apply here.

Let us help you apply your products, solutions and services to the US Govt through GSA Schedule 599. Even if the area of travel hasn’t been your focus, we may see that you provide some powerful solutions that could fit very well in this contract section. Contact GSA Scheduler today for more information.