In 2014, the government awarded $14,148,750,018 in contracts. Wouldn’t you like a piece of that?

What is GSA IT Schedule 70?

gsa it schedule 70 screenshotGSA IT Schedule 70 was started by the United States General Services Administration- commonly known as GSA- as a long term contract. Usually, this contract is issued by the GSA to any commercial vendor who provides valuable services in the field of technology.

Initially, the GSA was formed right after the Second World War in order to streamline all federal operations. Where before it had served the federal government, now GSA assists all government agencies and departments and acquires services from 19,000 resellers and manufacturers.

How does GSA IT Schedule 70 help?

Being a great tool for acquisition, the IT Schedule 70 is Indefinite Delivery-Indefinite Quantity award module which provides valuable opportunities to both parties signing the contract:

What does GSA Schedule 70 for IT offer?

IT Schedule 70 usually addresses the information technology requirements of different government departments operating at the local, state and federal level. Some of these technology services that are offered by the schedule have been categorized under specific items, which have been listed below:

Networking and Computing Hardware:

This includes switches, routers, computers, laptops, notebooks and tablets, servers and other wireless products. It also covers tools used for data storage and Network Monitoring devices.

Security in cyber operations:

This covers the supply of services and products that are aimed to manage identities, give anti-virus support and secure exchange of information.

Satellite services:

All government agencies rely on satellite communication to secure their exchange of data, especially with soldiers at war, disaster recovery teams and emergency responders.

Enhancing sustainability:

GSA tries to minimize maintenance costs while optimizing performance. IT does this by enhancing the infrastructure efficiency of a data centre, addressing power management and increasing accountability of footprints. It also ensures that power usage is effective and recycles IT materials and products.

Cloud IT services:

This allows the government to tap into computing resources like servers, applications, storage, and network quickly. This includes Cloud email services that allow government officials and employees check emails through a secure connection from anywhere. Cloud Infrastructure services allow data to be stored in the cloud instead of servers, thus helping to save costs by extending facilities for storage without having to expand the current infrastructure.

Life Cycles of Systems:

This addresses the need for integration demands and enhancing the Systems Life Cycle. The Schedule provides IT support through programming, and by managing records, facilities and resources. It also takes care of Network and Computer Systems through documentation and analysis, design and development.

IT Schedule 70 also provides other items related to Wireless Telecommunications, Mandates on IT and other Applications and Software. Not only can federal, state and local government departments buy from the schedule, but different industry partners can also sell through this schedule module, thereby having access to billions of dollars in revenue.

How are vendors granted the GSA IT Schedule 70 contract?

Vendors usually have to go through a very rigorous process in order to be granted the Schedule award. Usually, the federal agencies do some research and then submit their requests to three different vendors, and the vendor that can yield best value and services wins. This GSA contract can be renewed by each vendor three times, which means that vendors have the opportunity of working directly with government agencies for 20 years.

If you are an IT company and need help getting on GSA IT Schedule 70, contact us today and we’ll be glad to help. You may also be interested in the specific area of Schedule 70 – 132-51: Information Technology Professional Services.