office furnitureAn Overview of GSA Schedule 75 (Office Solutions: Supplies & Services)

Federal agencies require such things as restroom products, office stationery, appliances, filing supplies, binding supplies, papers, toners, calendars, personal organizers and business machines. It also requires paper shredders, soap dispensers for use in restrooms, printing services, paper products for use in restrooms and many more.

In today’s world, an office can only function effectively and the workforce can remain productive when its staff can access the equipment and supplies that they need to carry out their duties. With a GSA Schedule 75 contract, federal agencies can have the assurance that they will have whatever they need to function effectively in their office environment.

Benefits of Being on GSA schedule 75

1. You Enjoy Fair Business Practices

No matter the age or size of your business, you can still get an opportunity to do business with the government. Since you are on the schedule, you do not have to go through rigorous RFP competition. The federal agency can literally choose your organization to work with.

2. Your Business Enjoys A Larger Market

Federal agencies alone spend billions of dollars each year on goods and services that are required for efficient functioning of offices. Since the government itself offers a huge potential market, there is no reason why not every business should strive to do business with the government.

3. Diverse Opportunities

Federal agencies consume a wide range of products, so there is a large opportunity when it comes to office supplies. These purchases vary from office printing to the provision of building services and anything between.

4. You Are A Trusted Source

When you are on the GSA Schedule, federal agencies know that you have gone through a strict application process and you have already been vetted by the government. Other than the expanded business opportunities, your business enjoys more trust when it is ascertained to be doing business with government bodies. It will add a lot to your credibility and allows you to do business with other local and international partners.

5. Assistance for medium and small businesses

The government offers a number of programs that are geared to benefit small and medium-sized companies. You get help with training, you benefit from opportunities that have been set aside as well as the opportunity to attend procurement conferences.

If you are a company that provides offices products or services, getting on GSA Schedule 75 can help you increase your business. If you need help getting on GSA schedule 75, contact GSA Scheduler or give us a call at (518) 360-2107.

GSA Schedule 75
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