GSA Schedule 76 – Publication Media

General Service Administration (GSA) schedule 76 reveals information to consumers in any media option of their liking. Contractors in this schedule are the world’s leading knowledge management, information service, data research, and e-publishing solution providers.

publication media - gsa schedule 76The majority of publications are now delivered electronically; they range from applications, eBooks to electronic subscriptions. To support GSA’s mandate of green services, most of the publications of Schedule 76 have now gone digital. Many GSA Schedule holders offer some services but not limited to.

  1. On-demand publishing
  2. E-Publishing
  3. Online bookselling services
  4. Workflow solutions and Digital editing

These green services minimize the demand for print publishing thus helping in the continuation of the sustainability efforts. Other green services may include; transcription and multi-media services for one’s eBook content, entertainment news and lending online and library subscription services.

Subscription and periodical services also found under Schedule 76 provide access to a large number of multi-media kits, products, and entertainment news wire services. These schedule holders include Thomas Reuters, Mc- Graw Hill Companie, the Kiplinger Washington Editors and LexisNexis. The selections that they provide in both digital and print form include;

Attractive offerings of this Schedule include news wires and the Dow Jones publications. In addition, customers can buy reference materials to aid them in different areas of market research like directories, company profiles and newsletters for different business industries.

Customers can also buy lending library services for maps, books and periodicals online. The available disciplines include;

Being a part of the GSA schedules comes with a number of benefits that encourage many organizations to join. For starters, the Federal Government purchases products and services that are worth billions of dollars. A significant amount of this money is allocated to contracts that are assigned to firms under the GSA schedules. This, therefore, gives the firms under the GSA schedules an edge over their competitors who are not.

Publication or media companies under the GSA Schedule 76 are therefore deemed to have greater sales and even cut their competition to almost none. This is because most of the lucrative tenders are given by the government as opposed to those offered by private institutions.

The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 8.002 Priority for use of Mandatory Sources states an order of procurement that government agencies must adhere to when purchasing services and supplies. This works in favor of GSA Schedule holders since this section of the FAR orders that purchases that can be concluded via Federal Supply Schedule like GSA Multiple Award Schedule Program must be completed before they seek alternative commercial avenues.

Under this schedule, authors and editors do not have difficulty in reaching their audience since the government is their primary client and thus provides the required market for the finished products.

The GSA schedules also give preference to small-scale businesses. This, therefore, implies that the small media firms in Schedule 76 have an opportunity to increase their sales and grow exceptionally. The majority of GSA holders who account for 80% are small businesses. Apart from the increased sales, the small firms are also given exemptions that include simpler procedures when making orders.

Another advantage of having a GSA Schedule 76 is that the procurement contracting officers are advocated to maximize on the cost and time savings that are associated with this program. This means that the media or publication companies under the GSA Schedule 76 will not use much of their time in applying for the contracts since the government officials handle most of the work.

On top of this, in cases where there are other potential openings, the contracting officers make sure that they have informed all the other contractors through their GSA eBuy website that is reserved only for the GSA contractors.

The GSA schedules also offer the market a wide variety of products and services. This means that for media and publication companies, they will have a variety of products and services that they can sell to the government. Dealing directly with the government also provides security in terms of bad debts. The federal government is bound to pay for products and services provided without fail.

If you are a company in the media and publication industry, it is advantageous for you to consider being on GSA Schedule 76. You will not have to compete with other firms for RFP’s and the government can come directly to you and hire you and they are preapproved to spend up to $1 million. So what are you waiting on?

If you need help getting on GSA schedule 899, contact GSA Scheduler or give us a call at (518) 360-2107.

GSA Schedule 76
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