An Overview of GSA Schedule 899 (Environmental Solutions)

GSA Schedule 899, like other GSA schedules, is a contract negotiated beforehand that supports federal agencies in executing missions and meeting goals and objectives. The 899 GSA has to do with Environmental consulting services, geographic information services, and environmental training services as well as remediation and reclamation services. The subcategories are categorized as 899-1, 899-3, 899-7 and the GSA 899-8.

The GSA 899-1 scheduling contract is a contract specific to environmental consulting services. The services more commonly included in this type of contract are documentation and planning services used in the planning, development, coordination, facilitation and documenting of certain initiatives that have to do with environmental initiatives and mandates in the areas of radiological, chemical, and hazardous material, also sustainable performance measures and environmental management development, Environmental impact and environmental assessment preparation required by the National Environmental Policy Act as well as endangered and protected wetland, species and other types of resource management plans. Also, in the schedule are archaeological and cultural resource plans, environmental regulation development methods, risk analysis, threat identification and mitigation and preventative measures as well as vulnerability assessments. The 899-1 is inclusive of such services of compliance as audit, review and implementation of environmental managing systems and other compliance plans and measures that have to with performance, plans designed to protect against spills and how to counteract in the event of a spill, pollution prevention measures and reporting to the community what the community has a right to know as defined in legal terms. Also in the contracts are the inclusion of advisory services whenever assistance is needed with data in order to support environmental programs of agencies in such areas as hazardous spills, safety data sheets of materials, medical data info sheets, information hotlines, updates on environmental regulations and policy as well as furnishing, management and inventory of important data information sheets. Consulting services are included as guidance in supporting the collection of waste data, risk analysis, feasibility studies, resource recovery and conservation, liability and compensating investigating, assessments of hazardous waste and the recommendations for waste handling and tracking along with the plans and surveys to minimization of waste and pollution efforts and initiatives and reviews of the technological processes that impact waste management.

The GSA Schedule 899-3 has more to do with environmental training services. The contract is designed in such a way as to provide aid in training agency personnel in the various environmental subjects as a means of meeting government mandates and orders. Training related to the environment can be done onsite as well as offsite by the use of standard computer and interactive web courses. Examples of the courses include things like asbestos awareness, airborne pathogens, maintenance planning, emergency response acts, environment law and regulation compliance, environmental response, confined space training, Liability, compensation, emergency response planning, electronics management, auditing, awareness, fire prevention and preparedness, hazardous waste and materials training, first responder, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems, the National Environmental policy act, lead training, habitat preservation, pollution prevention, Occupational Safety, and fire safety education. Also covered are the resource conservation and recovery act as well as sustainable eco-friendly practices, wetland permits and regulation and water conservation should such be what the contract defines in the scheduling conditions and goals.

The 899-7 GSA schedule deals with geographic information systems service by providing geographic information in the support of eco -friendly programs. Such services as the enforcement of eco-friendly legislation, cultural resource info systems, impact analyses and cost assessment in an eco-friendly manner as well as compliance with environmental regulation(s), the monitoring of groundwater systems, habit conservation planning, modeling of habitats, mashups, cartography, and mapping. Also touched upon and covered in the 899-7 are migration pattern analyses, planning of natural resources; marine-terrestrial and atmospheric measure management; watershed categorizing and vegetation mapping used in planning stages of system design.

Lastly, the 899-8 GSA schedule deals with reclamation and remediation services which include removal, excavation and disposal of hazardous material and waste responsibly and other things such as field categorization and wetland restoration. As is covered by each of the GSA 899’s, the 899-8 also includes emergency response cleanup but also other things not covered by the other 899s such as storage tank removal and air monitoring. The 899-8 GSA schedule helps to meet the needs and goals required in restoration projects.

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GSA Schedule 899
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