On this page, you will learn more about GSA Schedules and the specific contract number GS-35F-0119Y. Awarded by the General Services Administration, these schedules are also known as 5-year contracts that are awarded to businesses. These schedules are presented by different numbers, and each number means a different thing.

For GSA Contract No. GS-35F-0119Y, it is a contract which is under the category GSA Schedule 70. The whole branch of IT solutions is this schedule, and some of the examples include cloud IT services, data center services, computer hardware, software development and applications and many others. The GSA Contract No. GS-35F-0119Y has been won by leading IT solution provider Carahsoft in the year 2011 and will end in the year 2016. If you visit the Carahsoft’s website, you will probably in awe with the number of other contract vendors they are working with.

As you can see, being able to get such a GSA contract means a lot to a company. If you are an IT solutions company, you should try to look for opportunities to apply for these contracts under GSA Schedule 70 and attempt to get a similar contract to Carahsoft. There are a few hurdles you would have to cross before being applying for them, though – firstly you would have to have had been doing business in that particular industry for two years or more (information technology sector this case). $150,000 in gross sales is also a requirement and also good and happy feedback from customers. Do not also think that you will be able to mark up your prices just because you won the contract – it is also a requirement to keep your prices competitive and offer some of the best prices around the world. You would have to submit a proposal and list out all of these estimated pricings beforehand, and you have to seek approval if you want to increase them after you have won the contract.

Getting a GSA contract is not easy but with such stringent requirements, only the best can compete for it. Strict restrictions can mean both increased or decreased competition depending on how you look at it. As only the best can compete, it helps to sieve out a lot of lousy companies and remove them from your competition. But at the same time, you are only competing for the best and the people awarding the contract would never settle for less.

So if you are an IT solutions company and able to meet these requirements, it is best for you to try to win a contract similar to Carahsoft’s GSA contract No. GS-35F-0119Y. Even if you do not manage to win the contract eventually, the process will help you to get your name known to other customers or companies, and you will still be able to benefit from it indirectly. If you are interested in boosting your business and getting on GSA contract No. GS-35F-0119Y, contact GSA Scheduler today.

GSA Schedule GS-35F-0119Y
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