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Indeed, the members of our senior staff are former GSA deputy commissioners, two of whom are former US Department of Homeland Security deputy commissioners. We help you in the elaboration and execution of contract negotiations, fulfill strict compliance regulations and perform tasks in risk management. Sources: 0

Headquartered in Washington, DC, GSA’s consultants successfully represent hundreds of companies that sell a wide range of services and products to the federal government. Our strategy – leading technology consulting firm provides agencies with streamlined opportunities to provide a wider range of effective solutions. Sources: 0, 1

As a flexible contractual instrument, the Professional Services Schedule offers scope to meet complex requirements for professional services. Contracts provide a wide range of services, including technical assistance, consultancy, technical support and project management. Sources: 1

GSA futures contracts are structured to include long-term contracts containing a negotiated agreement to be terminated at the end of the contract term, subject to the terms set out in the GSA Professional Services Schedule (PPE) agreement. For example, the contract between McKinsey & Company and the US Government Accounting Office (GAO) was terminated on 1 July 2014 for non-compliance with Gsa’s contractual obligations. Sources: 1, 4

The termination of the contract came after the agency’s inspector general (IG), who opened an investigation into McKinsey’s refusal to provide documents, found that the company’s price was 10% higher than originally proposed. This has been changed following a request from the GAO to obtain more information about the price of the contract. Sources: 4, 5

If you work with GSA Schedeuler, you will get more than just a schedule, but it only helps if the company forgets the schedule without first confirming that it is entitled to receive it and that it is in your interest to receive it. Sources: 5

Many companies get GSA Schedule contracts and then fail to use them successfully, but you have more options than that. This will help you check whether you are buying what you are buying, how much you have bought, how many times you have bought it and other details. Sources: 5

You have access to all the awards – the best tactics and strategies you need to make the most of the schedule and the best practices of the GSA. Sources: 5

With a few exceptions, it takes a year to submit and maintain a GSA plan, and up to two years to understand the GSA plan with an adviser. Sources: 2, 5

If your company is operating under a different contract, the adviser will call in – but the situation may not be routine. There is no obligation to maintain, maintain or use the contract in its entirety and to remain compliant throughout the duration of the contract. Sources: 2

If you are working under a contract with the GSA Schedule Consultant, such as a contract with the US Department of Defense, you assume that we are likely to encounter the same situation. If we do not seek opportunities with customers or help with the award of contracts, we spend most of our time maintaining the contract. Sources: 2

We advise on compliance with price reduction clauses, manage communication with GSA on behalf of the company and assist customers in accepting mandatory mass modifications. If you need to make changes to your schedule, add products or services, or need help extending the plan for an option period, we will talk to you. As the contract grows and becomes a commercial business, GSA Schedule Consultants can help the customer with contract changes as needed. Sources: 2, 5

Nothing beats the time and money to plan multiple companies and then have them terminated by the GSA. Over the past two years, we have helped several companies overcome cancellations and meet their schedule. Sources: 5

Time will tell whether there are problems with the merger, although it is too early to say. GSA Advisory tells the government that consolidation is one of the best ideas ever because it will make it easier for small businesses to work for the federal government by streamlining the process. It simply requires more time, more resources, and a greater degree of coordination and coordination between government agencies. Sources: 3, 5

It is not usual for companies to qualify for GSA futures contracts, but this will happen in the second half of this financial year. Sources: 3, 5

Most small businesses receive two or three emails each week from the sweatshop, identifying government experts who sell apps and services with the promise of helping them market and use their schedules. Unfortunately, hundreds of small businesses pay for these services every year and go with schedules that are uncompetitive and have no idea how to use them. This is because many of the companies that provide these application services have never worked in the federal area and do not understand state sales. Sources: 5

Help hundreds of businesses get their schedules, add products and services, and negotiate with the federal government and their state and local partners in the country. 

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