Does My Company Need A GSA Schedule Contract to Sell To The Government?

Many companies ask: does my company need a GSA Schedule Contract to sell to the government? The simple answer is no. There is no federal law that stipulates that a company which wants to do business with the federal government must be on a GSA Schedule. The problem is that many of the agencies of the government prefer, most of the time, to place their orders through GSA Schedule Contracts, because the GSA helps them to get approved services and goods from reputable companies. In addition, getting on the GSA Schedule will be an advantage in the following way: once a company gets on the GSA Schedule, it means that the government has approved their business as a supplier, thus increasing their chances of getting a contract and doing business with a government agency.  In order not to lose out on potential substantial deals, contracts and business, many companies end up getting on the GSA Schedule to position their company as a choice for the government agency looking to hire.

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