Is My Company Eligible To Get a GSA Schedule Contract Award?

Guidelines used to award GSA Schedule Contracts

The qualifications for any GSA type Schedule Contract Award varies from one schedule to another schedule. Nevertheless, these are the key aspects of your company’s offer that are reviewed to determine if your business is qualified to be given a contract within the GSA Schedule:

  • Past performance and favorable commercial pricing of your goods or services.
  • Overall financial ability and solvency.
  • Contract scope. This will be used to determine whether your services and supplies fall within the stipulated framework of the Schedule.
  • Existing subcontracting plan for small for businesses if your business is not a small one.
  • Compliance with technical and regulatory requirements.

The other eligibility criteria are highly determined by the overall status of your business. For example, if you are a qualified as a not-for-profit organization, your company is automatically eligible to purchase within the framework of the Federal Supply GSA Schedule which is a schedule used to make or provide services or goods to the state. Eligible non-profit organizations generally fall within the cluster of organizations serving severely handicapped individuals like the blind.

Governments both at the local and state level will also use this Schedule together with another additional set of eligibility criteria for any GSA Schedule holders. For example, the recovery program from disasters allows local and state governments to make GSA schedule purchases to assist in recovery from the effects of Presidential declared disasters like terrorism or any other natural disasters. These are the guidelines that local and state governments, state agencies and military arms use to award GSA schedule contracts.

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