Who Can I Sell To If My Company Gets A GSA Schedule?

who can I sell to?GSA schedule contracts can also be called Federal Supply Schedules. It remains an indefinite delivery and a long-term contract beneath the MAS program. The primary objective of designing a GSA Schedule is to help federal workers to buy services and products. A GSA Schedule contains warranties, delivery terms, pre-negotiated prices, and other conditions and regulations that streamline the purchasing procedure for each federal agency. A common question that most people who have a GSA Schedule often ask is: Who can I sell to if my company gets a GSA Schedule?

A GSA Schedule can simply be utilized to assist several federal clients including Department of Defense, Federal and Executive Agencies, Government Contractors Authorized to Spend Federal Dollars, Government of the District of Columbia and Certain Institutions and International Organizations. There are multiple government agencies that are needing products and services. They are all turning to relevant GSA schedules to pick the company they would like to work with because they are not wanting to send out RFPs and wait for responses to start their project.

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